For residential homes, it’s important to be in a calm and serene area. Trishla City 3BHK flats cover an area of 1827 square feet and entire project consists of 14 towers. It’s placed in a good spot to give a calm and quiet atmosphere.

It’s situated near the Patiala highway, only a two-minute drive away. Specifically, it’s on Highground Road, the widest road in Zirakpur at 110 feet. This road is well-maintained and often referred to as the airport road. The location, just 800 meters from the Zirakpur-Patiala highway, makes it an unbeatable spot.

Entrance Security and Resort-Themed Luxury Living

There’s a big gate at the entrance. There are 7 tier of security here, which is the strongest security for the whole country. The Trishla 3 BHK flats are based on resort theme offering a luxurious and peaceful life experience with lots of greenery all around.

Inside, there are 15 shops where you can get everything you need every day. There’s even a jogging track that’s 1.5 kilometers long. Takes about 15-20 minutes to go around it. And there’s a cool playground for kids and places to play different sports like cricket, soccer, basketball, and tennis for all ages.

Next to the park, there’s a big swimming pool that’s open every day from morning to evening. The water is crystal clear and there’s a separate pool for kids that’s not too deep, plus a deeper one that goes up to 5.5 feet for grown-ups to enjoy.

Oh, and they even have a golf area there! They’ve planted around 20,000 trees and plants, which makes the air super fresh. Living there makes you feel more relaxed, and it’s good for your health too—it helps you breathe better and lowers stress.

Room Entrance

The entrance to this 3 BHK flats is Zirakpur has a smart multifunction lock that can be opened using an RFID chip, OTP, fingerprint, keypad, or key.

The door looks like wood but it’s actually a strong 35mm Mild Steel Door. It has galvanized sheets on both sides with a wood polish finish. This thick steel door is fire-resistant.

Drawing Room

First, when you enter the entrance, you’ll see a big drawing room on the left side. There’s a large 8-seater sofa already there, and you can add a 2-seater sofa yourself. The room has a fancy ceiling with nice lights that cover the whole flat without any extra charges. In the entire flat, you’ll have Hitachi, Voltas, and Daikin all-weather ACs that can make it both hot and cool.

The drawing table is pretty big, a 6-seater one that can be turned into an 8-seater. It’s spacious enough.

The floor will have Italian marble all over. The drawing room is connected to an L-shaped balcony.

These flats are next-gen smart homes. You can operate the lights and fans by touching them, using fingerprints. It’s much quicker than normal switches. You can also control the lights, AC, and temperature with your voice. Almost everything, including the washing machine, can be controlled by voice commands or your smartphone.

High-Tech Kitchen

The kitchen, which is like the heart of a house, in Trishla City’s 3-bedroom apartments, has a really big kitchen.

1. Cabinets: It has Hettich channels, and there are two options in Hettich: one is visible and the other is invisible. We’ll give you the hidden channels that are not visible outside, which will make life better and it’s also gentle. It will have a shiny surface like high gloss. The cabinet doors above will be made of glass and can be stopped at any height you want.

2. Countertop: Countertops that are being used are made of Quartz. This is a new item in North America. It’s stronger, better quality, more affordable, and looks better than what’s currently being used in kitchens. It gives the kitchen a branded look.

3. Amenities: Except for the refrigerator, you’ll find everything in our kitchen. Like, there’s a chimney from the “Faber” brand that has a special feature to control itself with gesture without touching it. Also, there’s a dishwasher from the same brand.

  • You’ll get a RO water purifier that will be completely hidden, you won’t see it outside, only a fresh water tap will be visible. For washing dishes, there will be double sink and a Faucet with both shower and jet modes, which can be adjusted.
  • The sink is completely undermount, which means if water spills, it can be easily wiped away. On top of that, you’ll get a geyser from the Jaguar company.

Next to the big window is a balcony that’s connected to the drawing room. It’s useful for serving guests through this window. There’s also a temple area created next to the kitchen

1st Room (Guest Room)

In the first room of our 3 BHK flat, there is a big guest bedroom measuring 10 feet by 13 feet. It has a fancy ceiling and an air conditioner. The cupboard in this room has a shiny finish made of special material, and the drawers have a see-through glass so you can find things easily. There will be lights inside the cupboard that will turn on automatically when you open it.

There’s a big mirror for getting ready in this room, just like in all the other bedrooms.

If you go into its bathroom, the first thing you’ll notice is the Italian-style TrueTONES tiles. These tiles are super fancy! They have fittings from a brand called Jaguar, and the seats on the wall can be folded. As soon as you enter the bathroom, the lights will turn on automatically because they sense movement. You can set a timer for how long you want the lights to stay on in all the bathrooms in this 3-bedroom flat.

The balcony connected to the kitchen and drawing room can be accessed from this guest bedroom also.

2nd Room (Spacious with Smart Storage)

The second bedroom is larger than the first one, measuring 14 feet by 11 feet. It comes with an air conditioner. The design of the cupboard will be different but it’s still a modular cupboard. Each room has its own unique theme so that it doesn’t get boring. This room has a separate balcony.

There will be a dressing mirror in this room. It will have storage behind the mirror.

The bathroom will remain the same. The vanity mirror will be touch-sensitive, so when you touch it, the light on the mirror will turn on.

3rd Room (Master Bedroom)

After that, the third bedroom becomes the main bedroom. It’s also 14 feet by 11 feet in size, but it doesn’t have a closet. Instead, there’s a closet in the bathroom. The extra space we get can be used for putting master chairs. The master bedroom has a designer fall ceiling, an air conditioner, and touch-sensitive lights. But there’s an extra feature in the master bedroom: the floor is completely finished with wooden flooring.

Wooden flooring is not very popular in India because our air has moisture in it. Also, we often bring shoes inside our homes, which means we have to mop the floors frequently. This damages the wooden flooring. So, instead of that, we have used tiles that look like wood to avoid any damage.

The washroom is a big one, measuring 11 feet by 8 feet. It will have fancy Jaguar finishing, the fittings like the shower, hand spray, and taps will be in gold. Also, the wardrobe in this washroom is special because it won’t get damaged by moisture since it’s made of waterproof marine ply.

In all the 3-bedroom apartments, the windows in the balcony will have 6mm noise-resistant glass made of UPVC material. The balcony is 6 feet wide and wraps around our flat on all four sides. Additionally, there will be a mesh door for the balcony.

Expansion to 4 BHK Option

For those seeking more spacious living, Trishla City also offers the grandeur of 4 BHK flats. These luxurious residences provide an extra room for versatile use, be it for a larger family, a dedicated workspace, or simply more room to personalize your living space. Spanning an impressive 2530 square feet, the 4 BHK flats are designed to elevate your lifestyle even further.


Home automation is like magic! Come and test it out once in these 3 BHK flats in Zirakpur. Give us your thoughts before we sell all these luxurious apartments.

We hope you’ll love this place! If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to call the number +91 83439-83439.