Trishla City’s 4 BHK flats encompass an expansive area of 2530 square feet, offering an ideal space for peaceful living. Located on High Ground Road, which got its name because it’s close to an air force station, making it a safe place. It’s not just a regular neighborhood; it’s more like a resort.

Every entrance has a Senior Motion system. You can enter the flats directly without any obstacles. And security isn’t just at the main entrance; every entrance, including the park, has guards.

The place has a 4-acre park with 22,000 plants, giving it a resort-like vibe. There’s a clubhouse with a gym, indoor games, and a party hall for big gatherings. The park has different themes, like a leisure valley and a fragrant garden.

There’s also an open-air theatre where families can watch movies every week. In the past, families also enjoyed watching matches in 2020, and there were stalls set up for everyone.


The door at the entrance is really tall, 8 feet! And it’s not wood—it’s a tough steel door, 35mm thick, that can’t be drilled into. It has a smart lock that can be opened with a thumbprint, a code, or a key.

  • Dining Area:

There’s plenty of space in the drying area (20’ X 15’), even after fitting a 10-seater sofa. The dining area comfortably fits a 6-seater chair set and still has space.

The apartments are fully automated and can be controlled using smartphones. These 4 bhk apartments also have Alexa devices installed. The ceilings have fancy Jaguar lights. The air conditioners in the apartments are by Hitachi.

  • Kitchen:

The kitchen (18’3” X 8’0”) is fully equipped with a dishwasher, chimney, water heater, microwave, and specialised drawers. It’s designed in a modern style and is open, but can be made private with wooden coverings if needed.

The kitchen uses advanced Hettich technology with 10 series of channels installed underneath to prevent damage. There’s an aluminum sheet to control heat from the dishwasher and a hidden water purifier. The tap can be expanded, but the refrigerator is not included.

Usually, there’s an issue with sunlight not getting into kitchens. But in Trishla City apartments, the kitchens have wide windows to bring in sunlight, and they’re good at keeping the air fresh.

  • Family Lounge:

These 4-bedroom flats come with a special Family Lounge. It’s a cosy place for families to hang out together and has a flexible space that can be used as a bar or changed into other things like a temple, storage area, or for keeping crockery as needed.

  • Balcony:

The balcony is pretty spacious and has UPVC doors and Rehau brand windows covered with curtains. When it’s on the side, lots of sunlight can come in. There’s also a storage area provided in the balcony, measuring 7 feet by 5.5 feet. 

Additionally, there’s a guest room with its own separate balcony, and each of the three rooms has its separate balcony as well. You can take a walk in these balconies after a meal if you wish.

Detailed Specifications of Each 4BHK Room

Let’s take a peek into the wonderful world of the four bedrooms in this house!

  • 1st Room (The Guest Bedroom):

As you step into this room which is 14 by 10 feet in size, comfort and modernity greet you. The room boasts LED lights, air conditioning, and a sophisticated fall ceiling. The high-definition Kajaria tiles add an elegant touch, while the balcony, crafted with top-quality materials from Rehau, offers a splendid view.

The wardrobe is equipped with sensor lights that switch on as you open it, and it’s uniquely designed for each room. Thanks to the Hettich channels, opening and closing the wardrobe is smooth and easy. 

In the washroom, sensor lights automatically illuminate upon entry. The fittings, provided by the luxurious Jaguar brand, offer top-notch quality and design.

  • 2nd Room (Cozy and Convenient):

The second room is 14 by 11 feet in size and has the same beautiful tiles as the rest of the house. The wardrobe in this room looks different from the first one, but it also has sensor lights that turn on when you open it. Each room’s wardrobe has its own lock for safety and privacy.

The second bathroom is 8 by 5 feet and has a glass partition. It shares the same high-quality lighting and mirror setup from the rest of the house. This room also comes with its own balcony attached.

This house is designed to let in lots of natural light from all directions. That means you might not need to turn on many lights during the day, creating a bright and airy atmosphere throughout.

  • 3rd Room (Spacious and Beautiful):

The third bedroom is 15.5 by 11 feet in size. It has a nice wardrobe that looks really good. The drawers and lights in the wardrobe are similar, and it has plenty of space inside. 

The bathroom connected to this bedroom is shared with the drawing area. It has the same fancy Jaguar fittings as the other bathrooms mentioned earlier. The vanity in this bathroom looks just like the others, but it’s made of quartz, which is 3-4 times more expensive than marble.

  • 4th Room (Master Bedroom):

The fourth big bedroom is 15.5 by 11.5 feet. It seems like it has wooden floors, but they’re actually wooden tiles. There’s a similar setup in the sensor-activated bathroom, which is 15.5 by 6.5 feet in size. The wardrobes are different from each other.

The bathroom has fancy gold-plated fittings that are even more luxurious than what you find in big resorts. The mirror setup in the bathroom is similar. There’s a large balcony shaped like a big “C.” 

There’s a separate area for guests, and three rooms have their own balconies connected to it. You can take a stroll on these balconies after a meal.

Comparison with 3 BHK Flats

Although we’ve delved into the luxurious details of our 4 BHK apartments at Trishla City, we understand that preferences for living spaces can vary. Not everyone may require the expanse of a 4 BHK; some might find the perfect fit in our equally stunning 3 BHK flats of 1827 square feet area.


Living in these towers designed by Tripat Girdhar feels like being in a fancy resort. The buildings are shaped like a “T” and are considered top-notch in architecture. The “T” shape is intentional because all the flats in Trishla City face east, ensuring every apartment gets plenty of sunlight.

The apartments have really cool features like touch panels that can be controlled using your smartphone. For example, if someone forgets to turn off the geyser or AC, you can do it remotely.

This info is about a tour of a 4-bedroom apartment that’s 2530 square feet in size. We think you’ll love this place! If you want more details, feel free to call the number +91 83439-83439.